Meet the updated JPBN! – Just Paint By Numbers

Meet the updated JPBN!

Today we will tell you about 5 updates that have occurred on our website recently!

1. New standards of production 📦
Several months of work on our production processes have allowed us to reach a new level of quality. Our paints have become better and deeper. The canvas no longer counts but is neatly packed in a special package. The amount of scrap is less than 0.2%. Your order won 't disappoint you.

 2. Expanded range 🖼️
We have added more than 40 new versions of paintings and expanded the palette of paints for your customers. Order what you like!

 3. The updated website 🚀
We have updated the design of the site, increased its speed, and made it even more convenient for use. Now you can quickly find what you need, order, and track all your order information.

 4. Delivery time is reduced 🚚
After April's delivery problems, we updated the courier service and deliver within 14-18 days. Now we are proud of the fastest delivery on the market!

 5. Support of buyers at all times 💬
We have expanded our support team. Now we work 7 days a week, even on weekends! We will process your order on the same day that you place it. If you are having any problems, just email us. Our support is sure to help you! 

These changes are the result of your feedback.  We analyzed it, drew conclusions, and solved key problems. Thank you for trusting our team with your order and for giving us the opportunity to get better.

Come and watch and try the new JPBN.